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Why make a donation to KCDC?

KCDC is a non-profit society incorporated under the laws of British Columbia.  It has recently applied to Revenue Canada for Charitable status.  It is an entirely donor supported organization.  Without your support, KCDC will not achieve its Vision and the opportunity to have a new Interpretive Centre may lapse completely!

KCDC will accept donations of any amount and, subject to our Revenue Canada application, issue receipts accordingly.  In addition, KCDC can provide information to donors about our Planned Giving Policy (to be developed).

What are KCDC's funding needs? 

Generally:  it is estimated that construction costs will be in the range of $4.9M while operating costs will be in the range of $260K plus staffing.  Some of the estimated costs and expenses will be offset by programming and activities fees. Our Business Plan details the entire project and pages 12 thru 22 explain our funding estimates in greater detail. 

Specifically:  the development will take place on a phase-by-phase basis with the first phase being to ensure KCDC, whose board is made up of volunteers, has the administrative capacity to proceed.  Immediate administrative costs primarily for materials and supplies are estimated to be in the range of $5K.  The next phase is Concept Design and Site Analysis which requires the retention of architectural and technical expertise to ensure the selected site(s) are appropriate (meeting stakeholder needs and expectations and posing no threat of harm to the environment) and establishing design parameters.  The estimated cost, based on estimates received from potential contractors, is approximately $25K.  The end product of this process will be confirmation of the site selection, a schematic design and an "open house" to obtain feedback from members of the public.

How Funding is applied.   

Generally:  donations will be maintained in an operational account to facilitate the payment of ongoing costs and expenses.  Most funds will be used to ensure the creation, maintenance and ongoing availability of exhibits and educational programs and activities (pages 9-10 and 16-17 in the Business Plan).

"Earmarking" donations:  donors may 'earmark' funds for specific programs and activities subject to KCDC's Donation and Marketing Policies (to be developed). 

Endowment Fund donations:   it is KCDC's intention to establish an Endowment Fund of approximately $4M from which the earned interest will be applied to operational costs from year to year.  The Endowment Fund will be under the management of a Foundation chosen for its committment to supporting community goals and objectives and its successful investment record. 

Contact Information:

For further information about making a donation to this project please contact:

The Chair

Kootenay-Columbia Discovery Center Society

P.O. Box 763, Creston, B.C.

V0B 1G1

Or simply send us an email to info@discovery-centre.ca  ... Every effort will be made to provide a response to your email within 3 working days.