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Why Make a Donation to KCDCS?

KCDCS is a non-profit society incorporated under the laws of British Columbia and, as of February 5th, 2019, it has tax exempt status under the Income Tax Act. 

It was created to ensure the continuation of  high quality environmental education and awareness programs and activities in the Creston Valley and to build a new wetland education centre called "The Discovery Centre". 


How Funding is Applied   

1.  To environmental program including operational costs and expenses

In 2018, the Columbia Basin Trust and the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Authority (Authority) provided funding to KCDCS to facilitate the transition of educational programs and activities from the management of the Authority to KCDCS.  The funding is spread over 5 years.  However the costs and expenses associated with program development and delivery, including the operation of a temporary facility, requires additional funding.  Every year KCDCS applies for public grants to pay those costs and expenses. There is a limited amount of grant money available and there are many applicants.  The outcome of our applications is never certain. Donors who wish to help us with educational program costs and expenses may designate their donation for "Environmental Education".

2.  To the development of a new Discovery Centre

The development of the Discovery Centre is underway.  A pre-design project, funded by the B.C. Rural Development Fund, is complete.  KCDCS is engaging in public outreach and actively seeking new members (a 3 year membership is free).  Our marketing plan and the 'masterplan' are both near completion.  We are working with the Authority to ensure the masterplan includes important details like the protection of species-at-risk and compliance with laws and regulations.  In addition, KCDCS' Board continues to take steps to increase its capacity to oversee the entire development.  Capacity building includes working with experts in the field of wetland education centre development.  Building capacity by working with experts is a significant but necessary cost of development.

Of course the securing of funds to actually proceed with the construction of the Discovery Centre is extremely important.  KCDCS' marketing and fundraising plan includes outreach to governments, corporations and large financial and educational institutions. Our intention is to fund the development and future operations of the new Centre from an Endowment Fund. 

The development of the new Discovery Centre is a 'process'.  It involves many aspects and moving forward involves a variety of unavoidable costs and expenses.  Donations from members of the public and small businesses will help keep the project moving while the implemention of our marketing and fundrasing plan is underway.  Donors who wish to help us with development costs and expenses may designate their donation for "The Discovery Centre".

3.  Non-designated Donations  

Donations that do not bear a designation will be applied by KCDCS to either Environmental Education or The Discovery Centre, according to need.


How to Make a Donation

1.  Online and Cash Donations

CLICK HERE DONATE NOW!  This link will take you to CanadaHelp website where you can make a secure online transaction.  

KCDCS will accept cash donations of any amount and issue official receipts for amounts of $25 or greater.  Cash donations may be given to any of KCDCS' Board of Directors.  Cash donations may be given in a lump sum or in installments.  Contact us to learn more.

2.  Planned Giving

Planned Giving is a great way to ensure the continuation of environmental education programs for generations to come.  Please refer to our brochure or our Donations Policy for further information or contact our Treasurer.

3.  Other Donations

KCDCS' Donations Policy sets out rules for accepting other types of donations, e.g. artworks, real property, etc. Please consult the Donations Polilcy or contact a Board member for further information.


For More Information

Address General Inquiries to:  The Treasurer

Kootenay-Columbia Discovery Centre Society

P.O. Box 763, Creston, B.C.

V0B 1G1

Or simply send an email to info@discovery-centre.ca and we will get back to you as soon as we can!