Our Annual General Meeting ("AGM") will take place on Thursday, November 28th at 7 p.m. at the Creston Public Library.  After its creation, the Board of Directors focussed on building its capacity to meet the challenges ahead and finding a suitable location for a new Discovery Centre.  In its 3rd year, the Board, with financial assistance from the CBT, the CVWMA and others, took-over the management and operation of Environmental Awareness and Education Programming from the CVWMA.  Last year the Board took on the challenges of raising community awareness and finding new members.  Both have been extremely successful and we are happy that, this year, our AGM will be attended by new members who will vote for nominees to the Board as well as bring their ideas, comments and suggestions to the Board's attention.

Nomination and election of Directors

KCDCS' Bylaws deal with the Nomination and Election process for directors. KCDCS may have as many as 11 directors. There are currently 8 in place.  4 of the existing directors' terms are 'up' this year and 4 have a year remaining (directors serve either 2 or 3 year terms). As provided by the Bylaws, a Nomination Committee has been struck and the 4 whose terms are set to expired have been nominated to let their names stand for re-election at the AGM.  That leaves 3 director seats open however the Board has instructed the Nominations Committee to seek 1 or 2 individuals for election.  The result of their efforts will not be known until the AGM.  The membership will vote for all nominees at the AGM.

Looking Ahead

The planning and development of a new Discovery Centre is a major undertaking for the Board and for all of our partners. Its success depends upon many factors including the continued development of solid partnerships with like-minded people, organizations and financial institutions. The pace of success depends completely on KCDCS ability to set its strategic goals and work toward them in an organized, well-planned manner. Enthusiasm must be followed-up with commitment and hard work.  We are a Board of volunteers dedicated to the tasks ahead because we believe Environmental Awareness and Education is a vital, long-term component of climate change strategy.  

See you at the AGM!