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Celebrating Birds and Blossoms

The yearly success of the Creston Valley Bird Festival and the Blossom Festival are testament to the creativity, hard work and dedication of the volunteers of the Creston Valley.  I feel very fortunate to live here and to celebrate our natural bounty with fellow residents and visitors!

How can we ensure that bounty is protected and preserved for future generations?  Well one way is to make enforceable laws and regulations.  Another is to build a wall.  Just kidding about the wall (a birdy told me that won't work).  Laws and regulations work if they are well considered and generally acceptable.  Even then the costs associated with monitoring and enforcement can be controversial if not prohibitive.  So what else works?

Environmental education and awareness programs work, that's what.  

A recent 20 year, peer reviewed study of the impacts of environmental education for K-12 students at Standford University demonstrated that children not only learned about the environment, their overall academic performance, their knowledge, skills, confidence, motivation and behaviour was positively influenced.  Their interest in civic engagement, "including feelings of civic responsibility, feelings of empowerment and ability to take action" were improved.  83% of studens reported 'enhanced environment related behaviours'.   The researchers found that among the benefits of environmental education were higher scores on critical thinking skills (www.cdn.naaee.org).   

We use the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area as a laboratory for enhancing school environmental curricula.  Our valley is ideally situated to play a role in preparing children and adults for the environmental challenges ahead.  Please support us and let us know if you do by email to: education@discovery-centre.ca