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Kids outside? No problem. Its all good!

We live at a time when children - even pre-school children - are exposed to tablets, phones and other electronic wizadry that keeps them seated in a bent posture, some say, far too much!  Ever watch a child pick a flower, chase a butterfly or walk a path amid rustling bullrushes, songbirds and squawking ducks and notice the quick step to here and there and see the glint of wonder in her or his eyes?  For parents and children those are joyous, learning moments!

Spending unstructured time in natural surroundings, "in forests, parks, meadows and mud puddles" (as the Child and Nature Alliance of Canada puts it: www.childnature.ca), is widely accepted as a healthy, important learning supplement to childrens' formal education. Not just school aged children but pre-school children and infants, too. 

We in the Creston Valley are lucky to have the opportunity for children to experience supervised but unstructured learning and play in our natural surroundings. Not to worry if you are a parent who is uncertain about how to take advantage of that opportunity.  Kristina Leidums is a mom, professional educator, naturalist and program facilitator who offers outdoor experiences in the Creston Valley for children (email: crestonkidsoutside@gmail.com.).  Kristina will be happy to share with you more information about her background and the programs and activities she is offering.  Look her up!

We at the Discovery Center see the potential for a future partnership with Kristina and others who want to use the wonderful Columbia Basin environment as a classroom, laboratory or place to play, for children and adults!  Our congratulations to Kristina for her initiative and our best wishes for success!