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The 2018 season at the Centre ended on a very high note indeed.  Despite flooding and serious wildfire smoke, our intrepid Manager and her super jr. naturalists carried on providing outstanding educational programming for hundreds of children and adults!.  Our small, temporary, aesthetically pleasing  Discovery Centre combined with all of the natural wonders of the wetlands attracted many visitors.  In fact, the number of participants in programming was actually 'up' over last year while overall visitation was just slightly below normal.  Contratulations to Carla and her staff!  

Moving Forward

KCDCS recently engaged in a strategic planning exercise so we can begin in earnest with the hard work of developing a new Discovery Centre.  Among the first steps:  an open house, a membership drive and, of course, a fundraising drive.  We will not succeed without the support of community members and people across the region who share our wish for a world-class facility for the promotion of environmental education and awareness. We want to do our part to inform this and future generations about the profound connection between protecting our natural heritage and a good quality of life for all human beings! Do you want to do that too?


Asking for money is not easy.  But this is a big project and we cannot rely on the good will of government and the CBT alone to reach our financial objectives.  We have to ask. Those who can support us financially may rest assured that every penny will be used for the purpose of developing a new Discovery Centre (Board members do not receive, and cannot receive, remuneration of any kind for their work).  If you are a local business or a multi-national corporation, please ask us about how we can help you inform your customers and the public-at-large about your generous support.  We also understand that not everyone can support KCDCS with money.  Ask us about opportunities to volunteer!  Or just come to the wetland and enjoy a walkabout, some bird watching or a pinic!  By just using this wonderful resource, you will encourage us and our partners to continue the quest!  Also, if you wish to make a legacy contribution, please ask us what resources are available for you to consider doing that.

All members of KCDCS' Board wish you a happy, healthy and optimistic New Year!  See you in the Spring!