On Friday October 5th, Creston was treated to the lively, sometimes dramatic, and spectacularly joyous sound of the bands Tiller’s Folly and The Wilds backed by the Creston Valley’s own Mormon Hills School Choir.  The Creston Concert Society's brochure said the purpose of the performance was “to promote awareness, a sense of advocacy, stewardship and support for the unique Ecosystem that is the Salish Sea” (the Salish Sea is the traditional waters of the Coast Salish people, including Puget Sound and the Vancouver harbour). The music was incredibly uplifting and was only surpassed in its effect by the wonderful voices and enthusiasm of the band and the Choir.  Congrats are due to all Choir members and to Peter and Mary Blackmore, for making it a great evening!

The performance comes on the heels of events during the past few weeks driven by our young people’s ‘time’ on the environmental stage.  Recent worldwide school 'strikes' sought immediate action on climate change.  They demonstrated a unity of concern and a desire for meaningful action to prevent the further deterioration of our natural environment.  Our children want to be heard!  They will inherit the Earth their parents and grandparents have created.  Can anybody doubt they need to be heard?

In this same time period, Greta Thunberg emerged as a leader and powerful spokesperson for young people.  If you missed her passionate address to world leaders, I urge you to check it out here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMrtLsQbaok

Young people know her message will be dismissed at the world’s peril.  Our children and grandchildren (I have 6 of them) know that, even if the adult world is undecided or ambivalent.  Can the world wait for them to become our leaders so they can make changes that will stop or reverse the impacts of climate change?  Maybe not:  https://www.un.org/en/sections/issues-depth/climate-change/

We at KCDCS believe that one of the most effective ways to help present and future generations in the quest to make sound and lasting decisions about the environment, is to continue the 45 year tradition of offering professionally developed and delivered environmental awareness and education programs, right here in the Creston Valley.  Building a new interpretive centre is central to that vision. A new, aesthetically pleasing and multi-functional  ‘Discovery Centre’ will help us deliver programs that use current technology and advanced teaching methods.  It will be a community resource that attracts visitors, residents and people of all cultures who share ours and our children’s vision and sense of urgency about our environment.

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