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We want to thank the many people and organizations who have offered both verbal and written support for the new Interpretive Centre!  A special thank you to the recent letters we received from the Creston Chamber of Commerce and Piper Farms.  Collaborative, forward thinking will succeed in providing the best possible result for this project and the people and businesses throughout the Kootenay-Columbia region!


KCDC has now submitted its reconsideration materials to the Agricultural Land Commission.  We are told it may be on their agenda in August but we may have to wait until September for a decision.  If our ALC application is unsuccessful, we will continue to engage with the CVWMA and the Province of BC in an effort to locate suitable, alternative sites!  We will persevere! 

Kids outside? No problem. Its all good!

We live at a time when children - even pre-school children - are exposed to tablets, phones and other electronic wizadry that keeps them seated in a bent posture, some say, far too much!  Ever watch a child pick a flower, chase a butterfly or walk a path amid rustling bullrushes, songbirds and squawking ducks and notice the quick step to here and there and see the glint of wonder in her or his eyes?  For parents and children those are joyous, learning moments!


We have had many inquiries asking what "the plan" is.  Well our current Business Plan can be found by going to the Donor's link on the main page and then clicking on the Business Plan link that is hilited in the text.  We are always happy to receive your ideas (big or small), questions, comments and suggestions.  Send them to info@discovery-center.ca. We will respond within 3 business days. 

Bird Fest 2017

Did you know the Creston Valley is home to hundreds of bird species and is a major North American fly-way for vast numbers of migratory birds?  You can learn about and enjoy guided tours to hear, see and even photograph our feathered neighbours and guests from May 12th to 14th, 2017.  You can register on-line at http://www.crestonvalleybirds.ca/events.html


We are very lucky to have the professional and generous help of Michael Farnsworth from Webtropolis, in the construction and maintenance of this Website. And there is no substitute for the artistry of photographer Peter McLennan, whose incredibly beautiful photos grace these pages.  Thank you! 


In December, 2015 KCDC made an application to the Agricultural Lands Commission (the "ALC")  to exclude from the Agricultural Land Reserve a 9 acre parcel of land adjacent to the wetland.  In late November 2016, the ALC rendered a decision denying our application.  A copy of that decision can be found HERE.  The Agricultural Land Commission Act allows us to make a Request for Reconsideration and we did so in