Discovery Centre


Easy, 24/7 access to kilometres of flat-top dyke trails at the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area (CVWMA) offers amazing opportunities to view a large diversity of wildlife. Year round trail access allows visitors to access the area by hiking, biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Self-guided walking trails, covered multi level viewing towers and boardwalk trails provide the ideal means to explore the Area.


Dogs are allowed on the trails at the CVWMA but they must be on leash.  Also, please pick up after your pet.


Corn Creek

Corn Creek is the area near and around the Discovery Centre. This is the most popular and easily accessible area for the public to explore. There are loop trails of various lengths and two multi-level viewing towers for impressive view of the surrounding ponds and mountains. Note: Times are based on leaving from and returning to the Discovery Centre.


Boardwalk Loop – 20 minutes. A great overview of the habitat found at the CVWMA, taking you through tall grasses and cattails, ponds and channels, shrubs and cottonwood trees. Get a great view from the 3 story viewing tower.


Songbird Stroll – 40 minutes. Continuing from the Boardwalk Loop, you will follow a meandering channel.


Marsh Trail – 1 hour. This loop trail is one of our most popular hikes taking you out into the wetland for some great wildlife viewing opportunities.


Wildlife Tree Wander – 2 hours. Fork off the Marsh Trail to take a longer trek past beautiful old cottonwood trees.


Wood Duck Walk – 3-4 hours. For those looking for a nice day trek, you will explore more of the wetland and forested areas, taking you through a variety of habitats.


Elk Amble – 3 hours. Forking off of the Marsh Trail and continuing north of Highway 3 you will access a myriad of ponds and our 2 story viewing tower.


Additional information on trails and dykes throughout the entire Management Area can be found on the CVWMA’s website.



The following maps of the CVWMA are available to download.

  • Corn Creek Trails (around Centre)
    • Marsh Trail Loop, Boardwalk Loop, Songbird Stroll, Elk Amble, Wood Duck, Wildlife Tree Wander
  • CVWMA Access Map (shows entire CVWMA)
Discovery Centre Corn Creek Trails Discovery Centre CVWMA Access Map


Hunting and Fishing

Visit the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area’s website for information on:

Hunting and Fishing Rules, Regulations and Permits
Boat Storage Permits
Other information related to recreational pursuits