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Why Should I Become a Member?

Although memberships are free, that doesn’t mean you are not supporting us through your memberships. Every membership shows us that you agree with and advocate our pursuit of environmental education and the construction of a new Discovery Centre in the wetlands. Membership numbers are also extremely important when pursuing grant applications and other funding sources.


So, Thank You very much!


But there is more…


When you become a member of KCDCS, you will become a member of a team dedicated to continuing the tradition of, and improving, environmental education programs and events in the Creston Valley.


You will have the opportunity to give us feedback and have input into the development of a new Discovery Centre and other resources that will improve visitor and learner experiences throughout the Kootenay-Columbia Region.


Of course Members also have input  into how KCDCS moves forward by nominating Directors and voting at the Annual General Meeting where their comments and suggestions will be heard and shared by other members.


Members may also call for and vote at other general meetings, receive monthly E-Newsletters and invitations to special events.


How Do I Become a Member?

If you are interested in getting a Membership, you can do so in the following ways:

  • Sign up ONLINE NOW
  • Download our form, then fill it out and either email or mail it back to us


You don’t have to live in Creston to become a Member, you can live anywhere in the world!!

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Further Information?

If you need more information before deciding on a membership, please CONTACT us!