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School programs at the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area are available for elementary and high school students.  Programming for preschool and post secondary students is available upon request.


Programs are educational, investigative and immersive in nature. Programs are outdoors and offer opportunities for hands-on exploration and learning.


If you are interested in a field trip to the wetland, please book now (details below on how to do that).  We usually fill up, so please get in touch early to book a program.


Please see below for program details.

Spring Programming 2024

Elementary Programs

Wetland Excursions!!

K/1: Nature Detectives, Using Our Senses

Explore, observe and learn about the ever changing wetland and the plants and animals that live here by using your senses…

Cost: $4 per student  •  Duration: 2 hours


Gr. 2/3: Water Everywhere

Discover the water cycle and how the wetland plays a vital role in maintaining clean water

Cost: $4 per student  •  Duration: 2 hours


Gr. 4/5: Adaptations to Life in a Wetland

We will showcase the amazing adaptations plants and wildlife have to survive, reproduce and interact in the wetland ecosystem!

Cost: $4 per student  •  Duration: 2 hours


Gr. 6/7: All About Birds

What makes a bird a bird?  We will learn all about bird biology as well as some pretty sweet skills that set these creatures apart from others…

Cost: $4 per student  •  Duration: 2 hours


All programs include a guided walk with activities and dip netting component.  We will be adding new program components to each of the programs!


To book use our online form or email us with the following information: School, Grade, Class Size, 2 possible dates and preferred time of day.


Canoe Tours!!  For Grades 4 & up

Part the cattails to look for nests, taste some wetland treats and learn more about the plants and animals that live here.  Add this onto our other programs for a fun filled day!

Cost: $5 per student  •  Duration: 1 hour


High School Programs

Gr. 8-12: Stewardship Program

Perform hands-on habitat restoration activities such as removing invasive plant species and shoreline cleanups.

Cost: TBD (dependant on program chosen)  •  Duration: 2+ hours

For high school students, we can work with the teacher on other programming options that compliment the learning objectives of the class subject.


Canoe Tours!!

Explore the wetland by paddling the ponds and channels, learning about wetland ecology, adaptations and the wildlife that call the wetland home.  Add this onto the stewardship program for a fun filled day!

Cost: $5 per student  •  Duration: 1 hour


How to Book

Phone: (250) 402 8661


Online Program Booking Forms:

Spring Program Online Form

Please provide choice of 2 dates, class size & school/teacher contact info

Program Availability 2024: Spring – Onsite (May 13th to June 26th); Fall – Onsite (September 16th to October 25th)

For onsite programs, there is a $60 minimum charge for the Elementary Program and a $50 minimum charge for canoe tours.  Canoe tours not available in fall.