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Hey Kids!!


Here are some fun resources just for you!  Some of these are created by us and other are links to resources that we think are fun and full of great information.


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KCDCS Resources

If you are going to get out and explore the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area wetlands or your own backyard, then take some of these resources with you so you can learn more


Wildlife Checklists


Backyard Bird Checklist


This Backyard Bird Checklist can be used to identify some common bird species you might see in your neighbourhood.  A kid friendly checklist!


Pictures help you to identify these 10 common species.


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Discovery Centre Backyard Bird Checklist



Wetland Bird Checklist


This Wetland Bird Checklist can be used to identify some common bird species you might see when you are exploring the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area in the spring.  A kid friendly checklist!


Pictures help you to identify these 10 common species.


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Discovery Centre Wetland Bird Checklist



Scavenger Hunts

Wetland Scavenger Hunt

Bring along this fun scavenger hunt as you explore the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area wetland (or any wetland in your neighbourhood)!

Discovery Centre Wetland Scavenger Hunt

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Bring this along wherever you roam this winter…

Discovery Centre Winter Scavenger Hunt


Nature Quizzes

We will feature a variety of quizzes about all kinds of nature related topics…

Check out the Quizzes Below…


Discovery Centre Turtle Quiz Discovery Centre Wonderful Wetlands Quiz Discovery Centre Osprey Quiz Discovery Centre Invasive Species Discovery Centre Fish Quiz Discovery Centre Winter Survival Quiz Discovery Centre Wetland Plants Quiz


Fun and Educational Finds

Winter Fun!

The Smithsonian Institute has put together a 40 page activity guide called “Winter at Home” that uses the vast collections and expertise of the Smithsonian to spark learners’ creativity and imaginations as they explore their homes and neighborhoods this winter. The guide is filled with hands-on activities, puzzles and games that students can engage with to explore topics in STEM, history, culture and the arts. The guide invites learners to look at their homes and neighbourhoods in new ways. Learners are encouraged to have fun at home, with activities such as inviting a bird to breakfast at your windowsill, decoding a message in your bathroom mirror and recreating artworks using clothing from your closet as a palette.


CBC Parents put together a list of 50 Outdoor Things to Do with Your Kids in Winter and it has lots of great ideas!  From spray painting snow with food colouring to creating a giant game of tic-tac-toe…


Nature Path Organics has some must Must Try Winter Crafts for Kids that focuses on using recycled materials such as paper plates, cups, and paper rolls for crafting inside in the winter.


The Canadian Wildlife Federation has a good article on tracking down winter wildlife. This guide will help you interpret winter wildlife signs like a pro!  Freshly fallen snow can provide many clues as to who has been moving around in your neighbourhood.  This article highlights how to interpret tracks in the snow by looking at distance between tracks, straddle and stride, gait and prints…and it showcases some common Canadian wildlife (and their tracks) sighted in the winter.  They also have another great resource called Discovering the World of Animal Tracks that provides more tools and tips for understanding tracks.


Canadian Wildlife Federation

The Canadian Wildlife Federation’s resources are developed collaboratively with a focus on both science and education. The resource section is rich with valuable information you can access to learn more about wildlife, about conservation, about important issues and more. Check out their interactive games, nature crafts and activities, quizzes, scavenger hunts and word searches.


Cornell Lab of Ornithology

These guys are the bird experts!  They created a Bird Academy Play Lab.  Here, you can play games that explore flight, song, dance, feathers, and so much more.


National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF)

This US based organization has produced some awesome activity guides and educational resources for all ages.  Check out this one: Water Quality Backyard Activity Guide


Nature Conservancy of Canada

Connecting you to Canada’s wildlife and habitats and their conservation!  Their Kids Corner features crosswords, jigsaws, colouring pages, nature Bingo and quizzes.


National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids has a great website for kids that features quizzes, videos, games and facts about the animals and nature.


100 Must Read Nature Books for Kids of All Ages

From Backwoods Mama, this list is awesome…I am sure you have read many of them, and we hope you find inspiration to read some more!


Canadian Children’s Book Centre (CCBC)

CCBC is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to encouraging, promoting and supporting the reading, writing, illustrating and publishing of Canadian books for young readers.


They have a new YouTube Channel called Bibliovideo.  It showcases videos and links to resources about Canadian books for children and youth. It is a vibrant destination for readers, librarians, teachers, parents, authors, illustrators, researchers, and others who want to locate and learn more about great Canadian books for young people.