"Wetlands play an essential and complex role in the wellbeing of our environment.  They clean our freshwater supply, reduce the impact of floods and support wildlife, including fish and millions of migratory birds.  Wetlands occupy an estimated 1,270,000 km or 14% of Canada's total land mass...they serve as one of the principal reservoirs for freshwater storage in the northern hemisphere.  Yet, over the years wetlands have been treated as wastelands.  Hectare after hectare of these biologically diverse areas has been drained and filled, leading to the eradication of literally thousands of hectares of wetland in British Columbia alone." Southam, T. and Curran, E.A. (eds) 1996 The Wetland Keepers Handbook:  a practical guide to wetland care, B.C. Wildlife Federation, Surrey B.C. and Environment Canada, Delta B.C.

We in the Creston Valley are privileged to participate in the conservation and stewardship of our own precious wetlands and, in fact, the bounty of geographical and biological diversity throughout the Kootenay-Columbia region.  The Kootenay-Columbia Discovery Centre Society aims to ensure our wetlands are protected through environmental education and awareness programming and the establishment of a model interpretive centre facility. If you support our efforts, please send us an email or contact one of our directors!  Your encouragement will help to sustain us while we are making these objectives a reality!  

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