Update for Spring of 2020

What Are We Up To?

We hope that all our partners, colleagues and patrons are staying healthy during this pandemic.  These are trying times as we all make attempts to adapt and alter our usual ways of doing things.


Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we will be monitoring the recommendations of federal, provincial and local health authorities and will follow their recommendations to ensure the safety and well being of all.  At the moment, that means delaying the opening of the Discovery Centre and delivery of programs and tours.


At KCDCS, we are working towards finding ways to keep you engaged and learning in a time where we cannot afford the luxury of getting together with friends and sometimes even family.  Getting outdoors is one of the ways that we can work to keep our bodies and brains healthy!  We all know that fresh air helps in any circumstance to make one feel refreshed and rejuvenated.  Something that is needed now more than ever.


We are lucky that there are many places in our Valley where we can get out for a walk and not be around others, or if there are others, remaining a safe distance away is doable.  The trails at the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area remain open. With over 30kms of dyke trails covering a large portion of the Valley bottom, there is lots of opportunity for adventure!


Access to trails is available at all sanctioned CVWMA access points except from the Discovery Centre parking lot – at the moment.  The old Wildlife Centre was demolished this past February and the CVWMA and KCDCS are working to get access back at this location as soon as we can (floating bridge is on order and if weather cooperates this will hopefully happen towards the end of April).  We are encouraging people who want to explore the trails around the Centre to use the Balancing Rock parking lot.


KCDCS is working to develop and link you to activities, ideas and variety of resources to help you gain the most out of an outdoor adventure.  For families, adults and kids…from scavenger hunts to bird identification checklists to crafts and stories…It can be indoor and outdoor, from window to wetlands…we hope to aid you in promoting healthy activities for body and soul!


So stay tuned to our Facebook page, join our eNews list, check back to our website – we are in process of redoing our website so stayed tuned for wonderful changed on that front!  Our new website will have a great list on links and resources for you to use in the coming months.


Take care everyone.  Be fastidious and wash those hands!  Expore the great outdoors in a safe and smart manner - if you live with them, you can play with them!  Video chat and call people to connect…we are lucky for a virtual world when it comes to the variety of avenues that we can use to communicate with the greater community near and far, so use those channels!


And hopefully we will see you, from a distance, in the wetlands as you plan your next outdoor adventure!


If you have any questions, please reach out.  You can touch base via email.  Free Memberships to KCDCS are available if you are interested in supporting wetland education and awareness programs at the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area. You can obtain them online.