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The Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area (the "CVWMA"), located in the Creston Valley of British Columbia is 7,000 hectares of wetland habitat for hundreds of species of flora and fauna, including 300 species of birds, 60 of mammals, 17 of fish and 6 each of reptiles and amphibians.  It has been designated a wetland of international importance under the UNESCO Ramsar Convention: www.ramsar.org.

The wetland attracts more than 35,000 visitors per year.  The CVWMA is managed by a Board consisting of a representative from each of the Province of B.C. and the Federal government.  A third 'seat', for a member of the public, is currently unoccupied.

Among the assets of the CVWMA is a 5,712 square foot Interpretive Centre (the "Centre") originally constructed in 1974. The Centre has served educators, naturalists, tourists and visitors of all ages since then, providing educational and recreational programs and activities promoting ecological awareness, education and research. Funding the maintenance and operation of the Centre has diminished over the years. The Centre closed on October 7, 2017. 

In January of 2014 the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area Interpretive Centre Committee (the “ICC”) was formed.  It was chaired by RDCK Area C Director, Larry Binks.  Other committee members included representatives from the Federal, Provincial and local governments, the Lower Kootenay Band and local and regional business and non-profit organizations.  The mandate of the ICC was to investigate the condition of the current Centre and develop options for its future.

The ICC retained a consultant to perform the necessary investigations and make recommendations. A June 2014 assessment of the Centre demonstrated it is in significant disrepair: Interpretive Centre Facility Assessment Public consultations took place from June to September, 2014.   Based on the  information obtained during the consultations and input from ICC members, a CVWMA Options Analysis was prepared and published in April, 2015. The Report outlined several options for the future of the CVWMA and, in the same month, the ICC recommended the creation of a non-profit organization to take the steps necessary to locate land and develop a new Interpretive Centre outside the Wildlife Management Area. The Kootenay-Columbia Discovery Centre Society ("KCDC") was incorporated for that purpose on October 20th, 2015   Information about the current Board of Directors can be found here.   

KCDC's first year of operation was spent building member and organizational capacity and looking for a suitable site for a new 'Discovery Centre'.  A site outside of the Wildlife Management Area was located and an application for exclusion from the ALR was made.  The ALR application was eventually denied in October 2017.  Meanwhile, KCDC held discussions with the CVWMA and local and government officials seeking support for a new 'Discovery Centre" and for KCDC to oversee the continuation of environmental education and awareness programs after its scheduled closure in October, 2017. 

KCDC's proposal to keep programming going has received support from the CVWMA, provincial, regional and local government officials and many community members and organizations.  As of February, 2018, the prospect of continuing programming in 2018, is very positive. If KCDC succeeds it will increase its capacity to develop a new Centre, remarkably!  Progress on the new Centre includes receiving funding for pre-design (including evaluating other potential sites) from the B.C. Rural Development Fund.  The pre-design project is well underway..   

We are committed furthering the plan to build a  Center that will continue and expand upon the CVWMA's  tradition of providing programming and activities that promote the preservation of the wetland and environmental awareness throughout the Columbia Basin. IF YOU SUPPORT KCDC'S EFFORTS, PLEASE LET US KNOW BY EMAILING US AT info@discovery-centre.ca.